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Grape variety

Merlot & Pinot Noir



AOC Graubünden




Assemblage of two top red wine varieties, classic fermentation and ageing in new and used barrels.


Wine description

ruby red, trendy wine, full, classy palate and depth of Merlot, as well as the finesse and elegance of Pinot Noir combined in one cuvée. The marriage of the two top varieties brings a beautiful aroma.


Food pairing

fashionable, strong red wine for all occasions: meat, cheese, hearty meals, and Italian dishes.


Vintage 2017

17/20 points

SWZ / Swiss wine magazine
Tart, fine vegetable, spicy, peppery bouquet, blackberries, cherries, green herbs, smoke, pepper. Hearty, aromatic palate with fine sandy tannins, good aromas, tart structure, aromatic finish.
| 2022 until 2034

Vintage 2016

16/20 points

SWZ / Swiss wine magazine
Mineral, velvety, fruity bouquet, fine plums, smoke, chalk. Medium-bodied, plump palate, sweet fruit, good tannins, finely muscular structure, plump finish. Can still improve.
| drink until 2031

Vintage 2013

16/20 points

SWZ / Swiss wine magazine
Tart, broad bouquet, cherries, nougat, wood. Broad, dry palate with sandy tannins, medium aromas, angular structure, dry finish.
| 2016 until 2028
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