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Important information from Martin Donatsch to our Unique customers

Dear Unique customer, dear friends of Domaine Donatsch

The long-awaited top vintages of Chardonnay "Unique" 2020 and Pinot Noir "Unique" 2019 will be delivered in April! The allocations have once again presented us with enormous challenges.

The cult for the "Uniques" wines is increasing year by year and we thank you very much for the enormous interest in our wines, which fills us with pride! The flip side of this success, however, is that the demand has taken on dimensions that we can hardly cope with. In the month of February, advance reservations were possible and after only two days we received several hundred e-mails with orders that far exceeded our production. This does not even include the quotas reserved for the gastronomy and our distribution partners.

Therefore, for the first time, it was simply impossible for me to answer all the mails myself and our sommelier Christoph Kaltenegger supported me in this. Rest assured, however, that the allocations for each customer were made by me personally. Unfortunately, I had to make cuts for ALL customers. We really try our best to distribute the wines fairly and justly. Every customer is important to us and of course we take into account how long we have been able to look after the customer, as well as the allocations of the last few years.

The administrative workload has reached a level that presents us with great challenges. To be honest, I prefer to stand in the vineyards and work in the cellar instead of spending two full months in the office with allocations, appeasements and apologies. The easiest thing would be to hand over all the wines to the trade, to avoid this difficult task of allocations. However, as the personal care of all of you is very important to us, we will once again try to organise the Unique sale ourselves next year. For this purpose, a new pre-reservation system will be introduced, with which you will help us enormously to keep this administrative effort a little less.

At this point on our new website we will post an order form for the whole of February, through which the Unique wines can be pre-ordered exclusively by our regular customers. There you can tell us where you want the wines to be delivered or whether you want to pick them up in Malans. It also makes it much easier for us to contact you by telephone as soon as the wines are ready. As before, we will not work on a "first come first served" basis. We will collect all pre-reservations that we receive in February and only then make the allocations. This way we can guarantee a fair procedure. The form will be posted on our website on 1 February. My tip: make a reminder note in your agenda!

We hope that you will be pleased with the allocated wines, even if there are unfortunately fewer bottles than requested everywhere. For all those who missed the pre-reservation this year, we recommend contacting one of our distribution partners who may still have these wines in their range. Instead of sitting more and more in the office, I would like to have more time for my beloved vines and the cellar. In this spirit, I wish you much enjoyment with our wines and am grateful to count you among our loyal customers.

Best regards,

Martin Donatsch with family and team

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